Going Through VHS Tapes

Wow!!! Tons of memories as we watch VHS tapes with a VCR that an acquaintance gave us.  We watched our sons when they were little, I saw myself giving my Master’s degree presentation. I looked so young at 27.

The best news is that we are throwing more out. I hate that I am creating so much garbage, and at the same time…how liberating it is to be free of stuff.  I finally get the thing about when you have a bigger house, you fill it up more.

We are planning to digitize some of the memories. I am not certain I’ll watch them again. The kids might like to look at them when they have kids. I don’t know. I remember watching me as a kid when my Dad would pull out the reel to reel, or the carousel slide projector (I have two of these in the closet).

I get to go through the clothes again. I find myself wearing my favorites most of the time. There are ocassions when it is proper to wear something other than cut off shorts and a tie dye shirt. I’ll figure that out another day.

Mission VHS is almost complete!! Stay tuned for another episode.