Going Minimalist: A Family Treasure Gets Sold

I listed the cherry mahogany dining buffet on Ebay a few months back.  We’ve also had some lookers from yard sales; live and virutal.  I figured this beautiful antique piece would take some time to sell.

Last Sunday, while lounging  after celebrating my Birthday, I got a ding on my phone, an offer through Ebay.  I had forgotten the bureau was listed there. Bingo!! Within a few minutes I accepted the offer, and the buyer has arranged for shipping.

I had a bittter sweet moment as the memories of where the bureau had been and how long it’s been in the family came flooding to me. I had to remind myself that it is still stuff, and I can’t take it with me on the road.

The good news is that the woman who purchased the mahogany dining buffet is giving it to her son and daughter-in-law as a gift. This warmed my heart. It felt right.

Parting with stuff is liberating and it can stir emotion.  I remind myself that in order to live my dream of sharing the game I created, Down the Canal, and to see every state in this beautiful country, I must part with stuff.

Do you have a dream? Are you taking action to make it happen? I hope so.

Riding out the Storm: A Test of Trust and Surrender

This week I have been reminded of trust and surrender. While watching and anticipating the arrival of Hurricane Irma, so many emotions, choices to make, doubts, and fears. A mixed bag for sure.

As I write this today, the storm is pummeling the east coast of Florida, and we have been spared the worst in Citrus County Florida, where I live. I have many friends and colleagues that are experiencing more dire consequences.

I am feeling the urgency to support those in need, while also listening to my local officials to stay off the roads. I am surrendering to the lack of control I have over the weather, and the devastation from the storm. I am trusting that the first responders are doing all they can for those in need.

At one point, during the impending storm I thought about our goal to be living the minimalist lifestyle, and perhaps it would happen in an instant if we lost our stuff to Irma, or if the house were to be severely damaged. This would have been the worst case scenario, and I surrendered to that possibility.

I feel grateful beyond words that we were not harmed in any way, that we have our electricity, and no damage to our property.  I am ready for what comes next.  I can’t wait to reduce the amount of stuff I have to keep track of, and maintain.

Trust and surrender both supported me through this storm and many other stormy moments in my life.  Knowing that all will be okay, and surrendering to whatever will be will be allows for a more peaceful existence, no matter what the circumstance is.

In times like these, it is a great reminder that life is now. Being present to what is happening in the moment, and being surrounded with love is what matters.