Making Progress on a Minimalist Lifestyle

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written.  Progress is slow. It seems that we still have so much stuff!! And, then there are some repairs still needed on the house.

Changing a lifestyle is a transformational event.  For the past 13 years we’ve been living in one place in a 2500 square foot house with a pool and two acres, and we are working toward living in about 350 square feet on the road full time . Not a lot of space for stuff.

We are so fortunate to have what we have, and to live the way we do.  Sometimes I forget that, and I catch myself in a place of lack. For example, at the YMCA this morning in the shower it got cool.  I began to speak of it when my dear friend said, “A first world country problem.”

So true. We not only have running water but it’s also clean. Something many of us take for granted.

Stuff is extra. It’s what we think we need.

We have sold quite a bit of stuff already: freezers, refrigerator, dining buffet, tables, ice merchandiser, window AC, compressor, generator, tools, and other assorted items.  So far, I haven’t missed anything I’ve unloaded.

It’s been great to light the fire in the pit and throw in old pictures, and broken furniture, and files we don’t need.

This whole process is liberating.  It reminds me of the fact that as humans it isn’t the stuff we need.  It’s connection with other humans, relationships where we can be ourselves, and keep creating the best version of who we are.