Going for the Minimalist Lifestyle for the Maximum Life

I get asked all the time about why I am creating a minimalist lifestyle.  I’ll share with you my reasons and know that they are different for everyone.

I’d like to clarify that going minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean selling off all possessions.

Moses traveling in the back seat

This is a choice I am making. It will allow me and my husband, and dog, Moses, to travel the country sharing Down the Canal – the Game of Birth, and be able to see all the beautiful sites. As you can see by the office closet, I still have stuff to look through.

Other than owning less things, my other main reason for this shift in lifestyle is that I want to leave less of a carbon footprint on this planet; use less electricity, and take up less space. I feel that it’s up to all of us individually and collectively to do what we can to take care of mother earth.

Currently,  I don’t buy a lot of things.  It has to be something I need. I want to make every purchase all the time a conscious choice.  I get to ask:

  • Where is this product made?
  • Who is making it?
  • Work to do on the office closet
    My office closet

    Who is profiting?

    Of course, I can purchase consciously every day, and I have been getting better and better at this. Food is especially tricky, trying to figure out where all the ingredients come from, and who is actually selling it. I am learning.

Many minimalists have regular jobs, apartments, and they own stuff. They don’t buy and accumulate what they don’t need. For example. a minimalist could live in a house with a garage, and the garage is for the car, and not a storage unit.

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice, just as home ownership, city living, veganism, and nudist colony living.

We have all been made to believe we need things we don’t really need. It’s called marketing, and consumerism. More is better, so they say. I like to say less is more.


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