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Fear is the Real Virus

It’s like the blood Running through your veins There’s no tiger in sight You fool your bo

Chaos is Necessary

<p><!-- wp:image --></p> <figure><img alt="">It appears that chaos is all around us. It's in the news

Is my Heart Chakra Open?

This question, “Is my heart chakra open?, has come up a lot lately. We all have a heart pumping

Pray it Forward

Pray it forward is the thought that catapulted me out of bed this morning. I was awake and leisurely

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient wisdom is buried within each of us. It’s been forgotten but not lost. All it takes is a

The Cold Full Moon of 2020

The Cold Full Moon shines upon our planet enveloping nearby stars, radiating the night sky. We releas

Winter Solstice 2020

Mother earth Mother Gaia Feed my soul I’ll feed yours Fire and light Water and air The elements of

New Era

The soul within Longs to be free Meant to be Living truth Being of light Guardian and seer Protector

Crones of Aquarius

Crones are the wise women with knowledge and wisdom to share, to spread like seeds that will sprout a

Women of the Drum

Women of the Drum   Sacred sound Moving in rhythm In touch With the Ancestors All as one Creating vi