I am an eclectic, fun, soulful woman with a variety of talents.  Writing is something I have always done. You can explore my blog or check out my shop for the books I’ve written so far.  Never fitting into the corporate scene, I have chosen a life of adventure and risk taking. I know what it’s like to always seek the balance. I strive to be joy and to find joy, and to bring joy to others. This comes through my writing and other creations and the Reiki I send silently, and give when requested.  I am passionate about sharing my wisdom, and helping others to achieve their goals and find their passion.  Besides writing, I love to play the djembe and am learning the dun duns and the frame drum. Swimming, and practice with my Dragonboat team are favorites.  Being in or near the water makes me feel very much alive.  Being with people having fun, and truly connecting lights my spirit.  I envision a world of love, and always strive to be the love and the light the world needs so desperately.

Reiki for Healing and Spiritual Growth

Reiki is universal life force energy. It is the invisible connection between us, in us, and among us. It is a powerful tool for self-healing for a lifetime. As a Reiki Master, it is my intention to show as many people as possible this simple, yet life-changing modality for spiritual growth and development. It is recommended that you first experience Reiki, before taking the class. 

Thanks to Dr. Mikao Usui (pictured above), this practice was brought to the west, and has become more and more widespread. Many major hospitals and clinics use Reiki for pre and post surgery, for the pain and anxiety that accompanies this. 

There are stories of instant healing, and of connecting with loved ones who have passed to another realm. If you are in Citrus, Marion or Hernando counties and would like to book a Reiki healing session, please contact me. We also have ongoing Reiki shares, and classes to become a Reiki practitioner.