Ancient Wisdom

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Ancient wisdom is buried within each of us.

It’s been forgotten but not lost. All it takes is a willingness to want to know. We all have the opportunity to activate our minds to remember. There was a time when humans lived in tribes, and there were medicine women. People only too what they needed, and honored the land.  The ancients looked to the sky for many answers to life’s mystery, asking the same questions we still ask ourselves today. Why are we here? Who are we really? How did we get here?

Much of the questions have been answered by modern man-made religions, explaining it all with God. An omnipresent force or being is responsible for all of creation. And, if you worship him and pray and attend religious services, you’ll be going to heaven when you die, or something like that.

Could it be that it is still a mystery as to how we got here and why? Could there be other explanations? Whatever you believe, one thing is true.

Women were respected, honored and revered throughout ancient times, until man-made religion tossed women aside and treated them like property.

To restore balance, and rise beyond the chaos we are experiencing and witnessing, we can look to ancient wisdom. Feminine energy is necessary. Ceremony and ritual, song and dance and drumming are what can bring about the change humanity is so desperate for. The ancients knew how to celebrate, to heal, and to co-operate. They knew that women were powerful givers, bringing forth life itself.

We can learn so much from history, from our ancestral heritage. Conditioning begins the moment we come out of mother’s womb. Our needs are met or we must wait. Our cries are heard or they are not. Immediately, we are told we matter or we don’t. We absorb everything from the surrounding environment.  Like sponges, we take it all in,  squeezing out the excess, as new information comes our way.

By the time we are seven years old we have a software program on our brains that tells us who we are, and what we believe. The program runs us until and if we reach a point where we begint o challenge those deeply engrained beliefs; whether religious, economic, or beliefs about the self. Once you begin to challenge all you’ve been taught to believe, there is an opening for new beliefs and ideas about life. 

Ancient civilizations knew a lot more than we’ve been led to believe. We have to want to draw from the ancient wisdom that resides within.

We can study the past and learn from it, creating a future world where we once again place women, ceremony and ritual at the center.

This will take a crumbling and dismantling of current systems, and many new and old ways of living on this planet. Ancient wisdom teaches as what we need to know moving forward. Women will and must lead the way. Love is the answer. 

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