Chaos is Necessary

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It appears that chaos is all around us. It’s in the news, it’s a state of mind, and we’re all longing for calm and order. Like everything else that we experience, it all begins and ends inside each and every one of us.
We are witnessing the New Era taking shape. You’ve likely been hearing about the Age of Aquarius and the new cycle, or the Golden Era. This time in history, of which we’re very much instrumental is ushering in, has been predicted.
Astrologists know that every 20 years Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction and that major changes have corresponded with this cycle. New regimes, political powers and even new religions have begun in the past. Today is no exception.
In addition to the 20-year cycle, this year we also bear witness to a new 200-year cycle beginning, where the conjunctions, for the next two centuries, are in air signs, moving out of the earth signs.
Lastly, we are also beginning the 800-year cycle. The last time we had a “Great Mutation”; the movement from earth to air signs, was in 1225 A.D. I know it is a bit confusing, and I’m no expert. The main thing to get from this mini astrology lesson is that energy shifts as the planets shift. You can learn more from this great article I read.
There is an order to the seemingly random chaos. The world around us is the reflection of our inner world of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 

You could draw the conclusion that the chaos we are experiencing is necessary and something to embrace.

Chaos theory that is reserved for mathematics, mechanics and physics is quite applicable. The universe is mathematic. There are underlying patterns in the chaos that we can learn from.  We can take a different view, and realize that the chaos is designed to create order again. And, there is opportunity for all of us to create something new.
Our ancestors looked to the heavens for answers because they saw the planets and the stars, and studied their patterns and trajectories.  They were predictable. This is how calendars came to be, and the tracking of time as we understand it in today’s modern world. Our ancestors were in tune with energy and how to make sense of our connection to it, with the help of the movement in the sky.
You can always take a new stand, learn from people and events that occur in your life. You can get in touch with your own energy, and connect to the energy around you, drawing from it, and attracting what you want.
I believe we can always learn from everything, especially from history and the ancient peoples who knew so much. if you are feeling chaotic, and anxious and confused, try taking some time each day to connect with your inner core self and know you are part of a great ancestral lineage that we are all connected ton

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