Curiosity is Boss

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Being ruled by curiosity is like being a young child. No preconceived ideas of what is. The new day can be filled with exploration and wonder. There is no sense of dread for another day of responsibility, disappointment, or knowing what will happen in the future. Not everyone dreads the day. Most people get stuck in habitual thought patterns that create their experience. 

Children, from birth to about seven years of age, are absorbing information through all the senses, and formulating their sense of self.  

All experience is filtered through this lens. As adults, the patterns we’ve developed can change. Waking up curious with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the day creates a very different experience than thinking to yourself, “not again.” Everything changes when the boss changes.  If your boss is Mr. Doom, or Mrs. Gloom, you are likely to experience feeling down or a sense of fear. When curiosity replaces doom and gloom, you’re likely to feel excited and your frown becomes a smile. You might think, “Who will I meet today?”, or “I wonder what new skill or information I’ll learn today.”  

All of the thoughts that come to you or are created in your mind can be taken seriously and dwelled upon or noticed and tossed out. Thoughts are not the truth. Great ideas become inventions, which all start in the mind of the curious. If you find yourself in a routine where boredom is boss, you may want to quit. You can actually replace your boss- the one in your head. Being aware of what goes on in your mind is the most powerful way to shift what you don’t like about your lie. 

The external circumstances will always be. They are a reflection of your life, there to teach you something.  

When you absorb and process events, the stories of your life develop. Most of it is made up, not real. Feel what you feel, see through the lens of curiosity.  Throw away the dark glasses. Freedom is in your own mind.  Break free from your own thoughts.  Take time to notice everything as if it were all brand new. You can be the master of your own mind, by choosing beliefs that feel good.  You can go beyond that, and simply experience the energy of your body and its connection to everything and everyone.. This will take practice; sitting still for some time daily – to be in your inner world so you can notice your own thoughts.  These drive your emotions. 

 I like to say that thinking is overrated, and it can be dangerous.  Too much of it can create feelings of sadness, regret, and overwhelm.  The past and the future are all in your head.  The present is now.  You are a powerful creator, and can do what you say you will.  The mind is your best and most influential thing you have.  Getting caught up in the material, egoic world, and playing all the games that were created, with rules that some understand, have us humans competing.  

It’s like being in the insane asylum, and trying not to become one of the crazies.  

It’s like you were placed there accidently.  When you can take a breath or two and step back from the madness, it is like getting a massage, and feeling that knot release.  Remember, you are not your thoughts, yet those thoughts are energy, and you do create your own experience.  Allow curiosity to be boss, and notice the shift.

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