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I will help you to jumpstart your own healing journey. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, you can rebalance and unblock all that is stopping you from your best life. If you are open to receive Reiki’s healing light, anything is possible.  We are all healers within. My job is to ignite that within you through the Reiki energy.

Reiki Master, Birthkeeper, Author

Betsy K. Schwartz

When I became a Reiki practitioner, then a Master, it was the beginning of a great transformation in my life. I am here to share that possibility with you.  As far as writing, I feel like I was born to write. Poems, musings, fiction and non-fiction.  For years I’ve been sharing through blogging, writing articles,  and creating workbooks, and short essays; mainly about birth.  For many years I worked with new families, and am still active in the birth community.  You can check out Birth in the Know to explore further.  Stay here to check out my blog, and more about Reiki. Because I am a work in progress, this website reflects that. My main goal is for you to be inspired to live your life on your terms. 

My Eclectic Array of Offerings

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reiki, relaxation, recovery


Discover the power of Reiki light. Pure love energy is everything. Reiki is a simple, yet powerful healing modality that was rediscovered in the 1800's.

anatomical, anatomy, birth


You will reach my other website,
Birth in the Know, dedicated to all things birth. You'll find the game I created, Down the Canal - the Game of Birth.

imagination, creativity, illustrator


I've got poems, a fiction book, and a birth book in the works. For me, there isn't just one genre. When it comes to writing, it comes through me in all ways.