Is my Heart Chakra Open?

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This question, “Is my heart chakra open?, has come up a lot lately. We all have a heart pumping blood through our veins keeping us alive. The heart informs and leads with love, passion, compassion, and forgiveness. Unless your heart chakra is blocked. How would you know?

If your heart chakra is blocked you may feel lonely, lack of empathy, excessively jealous or untrusting of others. You could experience poor circulation, respiratory issues, or heart trouble on the physical level.

Ironically, if your heart chakra is overactive, this could show up as giving of yourself without restraint in relationships or a cause.

I believe, as a Reiki Master, and one who is very in touch with energy, the collective energy is out of balance. Fear seems to be in the driver’s seat, with love in the back seat, desperately wanting to drive. This creates very low vibration. 

We can raise the vibration on this planet by placing love in charge, and allowing it to pulse through our veins, as the only anecdote to the poison that is fear.

Music and sound are healing, and are connectors of people, heart to heart. Music is the universal language. The first sound we vibe to is the heartbeat of our mother in the womb.  We hear everything; loud sounds, music and voices. The sound is muffled as we are literally under water, where we grow until our brains get too big and we must be born.

Once we are born into this strange, foreign world, our senses are heightened, keenly aware of longing for love and safety. Our mother’s heartbeat gives us comfort and security. We feel safe being near it. This symbiotic connection is designed to keep us alive, as we are like one; the MotherBaby. 

The magnetic field of the heart can be detected up to 3 feet away, and is modulated by various emotional states.

Vibration is sound, though we don’t always hear vibration. Our ears enable us to enjoy the symphony, the rock music, the sound of the drums, laughing and crying and more. We could hear the vibration of our own molecules if our ears were more sensitive.

Music brings people together, synchronizing the left and right brain. Rhythm and harmony created together allow for creative flow of song and dance. One can’t help but to open up their heart chakra.

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