Oracle of Delphi

delphi, oracle, oracle at delphi

The Oracle of Delphi was the first thought that came to me upon awakening. Of course I went straight to Google to see what I could find. Greek myth? Divine goddess Pythia was the priestess of Apollo, who foretold the future. Delphi was thought to be the navel (center) of the world. Pythia’s answers were usually cryptic, and gave farmers the dates to plant crops, and emperors the right time to declare war.


Delphi became a place to gather for intellectuals and scholars, as there was a lack of strict religious dogma.
Here I sit in 2020 waking up to this in my head. My morning wake-up lesson, or a message? I write about how thoughts are not all true, and we shouldn’t pay attention to most of them. As we live our days, thousands of thoughts formulate, or come to us. I’m not really sure where they originate. The early morning thoughts that arise have not come from a a lot of thinking. They are like the mist that rises when the heat collides with the cold. They seem random and senseless, yet this morning’s first thought caused me to investigate.



Maybe I am supposed to get a reading. Perhaps, because I have been contemplating what I want my future to look like, and how I want to spend my time and energy to create it.  Divine Goddess, priestess, feminine, seers and healers.  I am attracted to this vibe and tribe. I’ve been collecting these friends like other collect rare coins. Treasures to cherish. The collective wisdom.



The future is a vision

Manifested in present moments



In the minds of many

A dust storm of thoughts


Universal energy

Blending and repelling

Invisible yet real

Connected like a web

A weave of intricacies

An ongoing thread

Divine design







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