Pray it Forward

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Pray it forward is the thought that catapulted me out of bed this morning. I was awake and leisurely contemplating getting up. Then boom!! This thought came like a brick through a window and I got up quickly. My feet hit the floor. Coffee in hand, here I am.
“Brilliant,” I say to myself. Praying is a daily practice for me. Not what you think. It’s the daily desires, and often simple requests for myself and those around me, or others. I am sending the healing energy out into the universe to specific people I love.
This is what pray it forward means. It’s a way to send love and light to others. To send out a signal for the wishes, hopes, dreams, and desires of others to come true. Imagine if we all focused (prayed) our intention on serving the people around us, so their needs could be met. 
What if we all taught others what we know that has helped us through struggle and helped us transform the fire to ash, and then gave us the courage and power to rise from the ashes?
When you are asking God or the universe for what you need, slip in a prayer for someone else. You can do this with conscious intention daily. There isn’t much effort involved. It’s a simple gesture that could have a great impact.
I am reminded of something I wrote a few months back as part of a 21 day writing journey. Each day we were given a prompt to get us started. This one was to write about a time when your prayer was answered. We were asked each day to pick one sentence from our writing to share with the others. This is my sentence from that September 2020 writing, that has come to the forefront of my mind at this moment.
“What if day to day, in asking for simple things, and appreciating the subtle gifts that are the moments that make up my days, my prayers are answered and I don’t even know I’m asking.”
Prayer has the connotation of being organized and orchestrated, taking place in a church, Temple, Synagogue or Mosque. This is one way but there are many other ways to pray. Do it your way. Practice focused attention, place your hands in the prayer position, go into nature for a silent moment away from people and electronics.
Next time you’re asking for what you need, remember to pray it forward, to ask for what others around you might need. It can be something small or great. What matters is your intention and attention.
Pray it forward every day.

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