The Cold Full Moon of 2020

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The Cold Full Moon shines upon our planet enveloping nearby stars, radiating the night sky. We release and let go the energies within us that weigh us down, creating obstructions in our path. Tossing the paper into the dancing flame, watching it turn into ashes is symbolic of the transformation we desire, to completely free ourselves of anything that is in our way. The moonlit sky is a reminder that even in the darkness, and because of the darkness, we see light. It is who we are. Our own light guides us, and helps us see and find what we need.

It is the morning after, the time between the sun and the darkness.  The clouds have rolled in, covering up the star-filled sky.  A new day dawns, the energy of the full moon still very much alive, permeating through all living things. Soon the sun will come out to be the light for the day, to nourish us with its own special rays, to feed the plants and the trees that give us our oxygen.

We take for granted the daily, monthly and yearly cycles of the moon whose power rules the tides and the menstrual flow of maidens and mothers. Honoring the moon’s energy, knowing its cycles can help us synchronize our harmonic resonance, our relationship to ourselves and the life all around us. Nature can and does teach us.

This Cold Full Moon reminds us that the cold season is upon many of us. It is the ushering in of the winter constellations.  It is the last full moon of 2020, and the first full moon of winter. We welcome it.


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