Winter Solstice 2020

nature, mother earth, landscape

Mother earth

Mother Gaia

Feed my soul

I’ll feed yours

Fire and light

Water and air

The elements of life

We pray for peace

We pray for life

The Golden Age

A new era

Divine spirit Rules us all

We weave the web

Like spiders

Across the global landscape

One humanity

Ready to serve


Earthkeepers: As the fire dances, and the smoke rises, I write, the words flowing through me; from where, I don’t know. Today is a day of ceremony and prayer. The beginning of the Golden Era in this civilization. Enough of the bloodshed, and the hunger, competing for resources. Mother earth is not to be plundered and raped for the almighty dollar.

It’s time, past time for us all to be earthkeepers, stewards of this blue planet. We can listen to the elders, the indigenous peoples, and hear their loud cry. We can decondition.

Being conditioned to fall in line, sit still, be quiet, don’t question authority and all the rules. It’s exactly time to do that now, more than ever before.

Keep loving deeply, starting with yourself. Find that inner, ancient wisdom that resides within, in your soul. Align with that, and feel your power. It is only from there where you can truly transform, and be a beacon of light for others.

Open your heart, and let love and light reign supreme. The darkness can be overshadowed. Anger, jealousy, fear, and frustration are lower vibrating emotions. Go through and let go. Allow yourself to feel love, joy and forgiveness. Vibrate at a higher frequency.

Mother earth is asking us all to heal together.

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